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KEOPE INGEGNERIA is a service’s Company founded in February 2006 to meet the new public and private’s needs of the technical and architectural desing, urban and environmental planning, architecture and design of interior and exterior spaces, commercial and private.


KEOPE INGEGNERIA is a Company that provides advice and support in all areas of civil, industrial and environmental engineering, in architecture and design enabling the identification of ad hoc solutions according to customer requirements.


KEOPE INGEGNERIA is strongly directed to ensure the quality of the project and the better integration of expertise and resources, ensuring the reliability and the dynamism to the services offered.


The design processes management is guaranteed by a team of professionals who are involved in the development of integrated solutions about the environment, the urban planning, the architecture and civil engineering. The team often is supported by partnerships with other external professionals.


The attitude of KEOPE INGEGNERIA’s team is open and dynamic, and it allows to the customers to keep constantly in line with the technological developments.


The main Society purposes is:


- to pursue the excellence in the design to customer service and the community.


- to interpret the customer’s needs and to provide the efficient results.


- to develop the innovative approaches to the design, engineering solutions and management.


- to ensure a stimulating workplace and to encourage the professional development of individuals through the work of the multidisciplinary team that constitutes the operating structure of the Company.


- to fuel the growth and to target to the continuous improvement of the team.


Corporate Philosophy


Our strong point is the environment where we operate. We wanted to build a reality where the people can grow by a professional viewpoint through the continuous exchange of know- how and the experiences.


We believe that to be part of a team it means to sign a contract based on mutual trust within the group, with respect to the work of every Professional to the targets and the methods used to attain them.


Our methodology attaches great importance to the relationship between functionality and communication and it allows us to offer the highly innovative software solutions ensuring the system’s functionality.


The staff organizes during the planning and execution all the tools needed for the correct development of the procedure, coordinating the authorization process and the executive and technical aspects of the contract. The Company offers the consulting services in the field of plant making use of a team of experienced consultants and specialists to provide the

technical solutions in various sectors. The Company offers, through the constant search for innovative solutions, the electric systems design, the home automation and the home & building automation, developing and proposing the most suitable solutions for every need in the field of Illumination, climate control, people and equipment security and energy conservation.


The Company has gained considerable experience that allows you to propose itself on the foreign market. Some experience abroad has already been made, and the Company has had excellent results. We are proposing again with the resume attached to this short report, and we hope to have a small chance of inclusion. We are sure that our philosophy and our experience will allow again to make known and to put into practice our professionalism even beyond national borders and to achieve the required results.




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